Practical Parametrics for Structural Engineers

There are many practical ways parametrics can enhance and speed up engineering workflow. Often without investing too much effort, a lot of time can be saved from an average week by: Rapidly testing framing optionsCreating analysis models derived from Architectural information (including anything with difficult geometry)Assisting in collaboration with others in different model formatsGreatly speeding [...]

Overcoming BIM to analysis model conversion problems

Using BIM model geometry to create analysis files can save a lot of time and improve accuracy so why isn't it done more? In this post we explore many of the difficulties and show that they can be overcome. 1. Nodes aren't joined This is a common problem when converting a hand created BIM model. [...]

Speed up engineering workflow with model conversion

Models are increasingly becoming central to engineering workflow and in some cases are even the main deliverable as we move towards the digital future. It is currently common for many models of the same building to be created throughout design, each with a different purpose and using different software. These can include: Architectural modelsAnalysis modelsStructural [...]